dataspot. the Number 1 Data Catalog Tool in DACH

What makes our solution so unique?

With dataspot., you can manage metadata – the knowledge about your data – and establish and sustain the anchor of data governance, ensuring that your data is managed professionally.

With dataspot. you have your company data under control and can make it available to the entire organisation.

In dataspot. all your target groups* will find context-related knowledge about their data enabling them to use it correctly and without search and clarification efforts for data projects.

Our best-practice data governance approach is not only based on cataloguing technical metadata. – dataspot. also focuses on a company-wide, harmonised, technical and organisational view of your data and ensures that it is embedded in your company’s processes, projects and organisation.

*Management, Data Consumer, Data Scientists, Requirements Engineers, Data Architects, Data Engineers, Data Protection Officers, Data Quality Managers, etc.

Dataspot Software Data Excellence

The most requested functions of our metadata management software

  • Multi-tenant models to support shared metadata across multiple organizations
  • Configurable workflow including role-based approval mechanisms
  • Ticketing directly to data assets and call-for-action in automated push mode
  • JDBC connectors, APIs and direct access to metadata databases for highest integration (dataspot. anywhere on reports, integration with ticketing, architecture, process management etc.)
  • Excel import & export (as well as csv, json, xml, xmi, sql/ddl …) for all types of metadata
  • Full versioning with parallel versions incl. time travel option
  • Customizing without coding – immediately available, also on all interfaces


dataspot. as a mediation layer between business and IT

In providing business meaning about data from the perspective of the business units and linking it to the technical view, dataspot. creates an essential foundation for efficient data handling:

dataspot. acts as a mediation layer between business and IT and enables all areas of the organization to collaborate, speak a common data language and successfully implement data projects.

The metadata management software is based on global standards and allows integrations with other widely used tools.

With just a few clicks, you can customize your metadata standard, and the flexible monthly subscription is transparent and fair.

We at dataspot. love data and so do our customers! Because metadata is for everyone.

Use Cases

  • Data Modelling
  • DWH Automation
  • Data Catalog
  • Technical Lineage
  • Data Migration
  • Reference Data Management
  • System Catalog
  • dataspot. anywhere
    (Metadata Integrations)

  • Workflow
  • Ticketing
  • Notification
  • Versioning
  • Requirements Spezification
  • Project Catalog

  • DQ Definition
  • DQ Lineage
  • DQ Automation
  • DQ Monitoring

  • Data Governance Organisation
  • Multi Tenant Collaboration
  • Process Integration
  • Data Mesh Governance

Top ratings for dataspot. in BARC's The Data Management Survey 23

Hurray – the eagerly awaited results of BARC’s The Data Management Survey 23 are finally here and have more than confirmed dataspot. as the #1 data governance tool. For the second time in a row, we can be pleased about a sensational rating of our customers and have not only defended our top position in the peer group Data Governance from last year, but could even extend our lead over other solution providers. Read more!

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